MyIntervan:Release Notes

We are proud to release MyIntervan 3.0 to our customers. This page describe the major changes we have implemented.

Version 3.0

General Enhancements

  1. (3.1.0) Internal improvements for speed
  2. (3.0.3) Visual improvements
  3. (3.0.2) Outage notices and general announcements will display upon login
  4. Redesigned backend database allowing for more advanced functionality, some of which is implemented in this release and others will be released in the future
  5. Increased speed
  6. Enhanced reporting capability (new reports will be created and released as needed)
  7. Menu interface is simplified and more visually appealing
  8. If session is expired, trying to access a page will not take you back to the menu after re-login.

Transaction List

  1. (3.0.4) Support for timezones added. Set your timezone in your profile, and the transaction times will be shown in your local time.
  2. (3.0.3) The transaction list now displays 50 transactions at a time instead of 20.
  3. (3.0.3) You can now page back and forth through transactions easier.
  4. (3.0.2) If a trading partner sends an acknowledgement, you can now see whether their system accepted or rejected the document.
  5. Document direction is intuitively displayed, with customer on the left and an arrow showing direction to/from trading partner
  6. Fixed issue with certain transaction lists being problematic (e.g. one document shown per page)
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